CI/CD For Azure Functions App By Using GitHub And Azure DevOps

This post details the process of using Azure DevOps to implement the CI/CD pipeline for our Azure Functions app project created in the previous post, the issues encountered in the process (of course they are solved ūüėÉ), and how to add the build/deployment status badges to our GitHub repo.

Using VS Code To Build An Azure Function And SQL Database App With .Net Core On Azure Cloud

This post details the process of developing an Azure function and SQL Database app using .net core with VS Code on a Mac laptop and deploying it to the Azure cloud.

CI/CD For Python Code Using Azure, Jenkins, Nginx, and GitHub: Part One

I will introduce how to set a Jenkins server up behind an Nginx reverse proxy server on Azure by creating a Linux virtual machine on Azure and configuring Azure NSG(network security group)

Build and Deploy your Hugo Pages on Azure in 2020

I am a newcomer to Azure, so this article is only a record of the process of building my personal website on azure and the issues I encountered. I hope to help people with the same needs.