AR Foundation

These Mistakes Can Make Your Ar Foundation App Display a Black Screen

In recent years, AR technology has developed rapidly. Following the release of the amazing ARKit 3 last year, this year Apple released ARKit 4 on WWDC 2020. And Unity also has expanded its AR Foundation to add these new features from ARKit 3.5 and ARKit 4 quickly. With the development of AR technology, more and more developers use Unity’s AR Foundation to develop AR applications running on different platforms. AR Foundation In Unity However, as a developer using Unity’s AR Foundation, there are some mistakes that may make you feel bad when developing an AR app.

Unity ARFoundation HandDetection

This project shows how to enable the CoreML to work with AR Foundation in Unity.

Render Crowd Of Animated Characters

The Anim map for vertex shader to modify the vertex position of the mesh at runtime. and use gpu instancing to reduce the count of draw calls.