Keep Learning Keep Growing - How to Use Azure AI for Chest X Ray Diagnosis

I recently participated in the “MVP Challenge-Azure Data & AI Challenge” organized by Microsoft, which enables participants to learn Azure data and AI technologies and allows Microsoft MVPs from all over the world to compete together and share their learning progress.

The content covers Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services(decision, language, speech, vision), Microsoft Bot Framework. To be honest, I’m not new to Azure Cognitive Services, Cognitive Services provides machine learning capabilities to solve general problems such as analyzing text for emotional sentiment or analyzing images to recognize objects or faces. You don’t need special machine learning or data science knowledge to use these services. And I’ll share you how to implement an image classifier for chest X-ray diagnosis with Azure AI and Unity later.

However, Azure Machine Learning is relatively new to me, they are similar but they are different. Both have the end-goal of applying AI to enhance business operations, but the audiences are different: Cognitive Services are for developers without machine-learning experience and Azure Machine Learning is tailored for data scientists. So I’m very excited to learn Azure Machine Learning in this “MVP Challenge-Azure Data & AI Challenge” journey. It’s very helpful!

And Microsoft Bot Framework is really interesting as well. It’s a comprehensive framework for building enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences.

Ok, that’s all I want to share with you about the Azure AI and Microsoft MVP Challenge-Azure Data & AI Challenge. Then you can click the following link to see how to build an image classifier for detecting viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia with Azure AI And Unity.

Build an Image Classifier for Detecting Viral Pneumonia Bacterial Pneumonia With Azure Ai and Unity

Thanks for reading and hope it’s helpful.

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