Using Snapdragon Profiler to Profile Unity App on the Android Platform

A blog post about the profiling tool on the Android platform - the `Snapdragon Profiler`. Compared with its predecessor `Adreno Profiler`, Snapdragon Profiler is a substitute for the former and has added support for Vulkan. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use this tool to profile Android devices with Qualcomm chips.

Realistic Real Time Grass Rendering With Unity

Realistic Real Time Grass Rendering With Unity. Using the Geometry Shader to generate millions of grass on GPU.

Render Crowd Of Animated Characters

Using GPU to implement large-amount animation characters rendering. The animation map for vertex shader to modify the vertex position of the mesh at runtime. Useing GPU instancing to reduce draw calls.

Unity Boids Behavior on GPGPU

Boids behavior calculation code is modified to utilize Microsoft Direct Compute resulting significant improvements in Performance.

Unity Special Effect With Depth

Using depth data to achieve scanning effects, x-ray effects, and shield energy field effects. Version Unity5.6 +